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Joana Carrasqueira


DevRel Lead @Google | Speaker | Coach

Scientist turned Tech lead at Google. Silicon Valley based with 10+ years experience in innovation and strategy development at Google, the United Nations, WHO & Forbes 500. I can help you achieve your goals, land your dream job and change your life!

Miles Franklin


TikTok Tech Influencer

Your go-to Tech Page🧑🏾‍💻 Some of the links are affiliate links which I earn a small amount of commission from purchases made

Vivian Law


Co-Founder | Amazon | Venture Capital

👩🏻‍🚀 Venture capitalist turned Amazonian turned founder. Experience living in China, US, UK, Korea and Taiwan.🚀Building token vesting & management solutions for crypto companies 🌱 Love connecting with builders and creators.

Mina Abdulla


Privacy @Google | Career Mentor

Lead Program Manager for User Privacy at Google. 7+ years of experience in various industries (FinServ, Tech, Beauty, Consulting). Currently pursuing my MBA at Cornell. Passionate about DEI, mentoring, advising on career/industry transitions.

Gianna Wurzl


Founder, Designer, Strategist, Community

Started two successful community centric companies and another in design. Raised over $7m in VC funding. Specialize in marketing, strategic planning, operations and experience design.

Brennan Woodruff


COO l Ex SoftBank Investment Advisors

COO, GoCharlie.AI Advisor/Investor/Consultant Former VP, Technical Accounting, CFO Advisory, Financial Due Diligence at SoftBank Investment Advisers Former Uber Finance, Former KPMG Deal Advisory Avid Hoosier Sports Fan, Amateur Hooper/Golfer

Jake Clarke


Head Of Growth @ Mana

👋 Hey I’m the 18 year old university dropout that promised this app 500k downloads in 6 months… 🚀 Lifestyle YouTuber (23M), fitness enthusiast, advocate for personal development and wellbeing. ❣️ Let’s get you the life you deserve

Isobel Lorna


Career | Fashion & Beauty | Lifestyle

Sharing my career journey & life outside of work.

Rami Abi-Akl


Diplomat | Scientist | Leader | MIT PhD

Alum of Ecole Polytechnique and MIT. Deep knowledge of academia, industry & entrepreneurial ecosystems. Experienced in college applications, career orientation, re-conversion & startup development strategies. Trilingual. Expert in people empowerment

Dalen Yamauchi


Professional Golfer/Personal Trainer

Bachelors in Kinesiology and Exercise Science- University of Hawaii at Hilo Touring professional golfer on the PGA Tour Mackenzie Certified Personal Trainer specializing in self myofascial release and athletic performance

Carolyn Rubido


Fashion expert / Cool Hunter

I’m Carolyn Rubido, a bilingual, 27-year-old fashion expert with work and comments featured in places like Vogue Italia, Bustle, and Insider. I specialize in fashion consulting, coolhunting, and styling. Let me help you out ! English / Spanish

Anthony O’Neal


Host of the Table | WSJ #1 Best Seller

I am a #1 national bestselling author, speaker, financial expert, and host of The Table podcast with Anthony O’Neal. I’m passionate about reaching people in a real, relatable, and relevant way and helping you get a clear vision for your future.

Damian Routley


CCO @ Founders Factory

I'm the Chief Commercial Officer at Founders Factory and a former founder / CEO. I invest in and support brilliant founders, also fortunate to sit on a few boards. Have many scars and a load of experience gained running a company for 10 years.

Jon Lo


Forbes 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur

I am fascinated by the no-code ecosystem. My most controversial belief? I think that no code is more scalable than traditional programming languages, and my next venture is to prove to the world that this is true.

Keith Byrd


College Basketball Coach ~ Motivator

Coach Keith Byrd is a Collegiate Basketball Coach that has been named Coach of the Year multiple times throughout his coaching career. Coach Byrd believes that sowing into the lives of young people is the greatest gift we can give the world. ​

Shing Lo


VC lawyer and angel investor

Partner in the emerging companies practice group at Latham. I enjoy working with founders, startups and VC investors. Passionate about the tech ecosystem.

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